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The Beauty of Strength –  inside_outside TOUR

Beauty is an emotional response…

while strength constantly fluctuates between stillness & motion.

We truly believe sport can balance mind and body, bringing them together.

A rugby player and a hammer thrower set on a journey that begins from the INSIDE, telling the story of a little girl that faces the world regardless of her limits, and ends on the OUTSIDE, telling the stories of rugby players from every continent. No matter their culture of origin, they found their strength and expressed it in creating both big and small acts of change, within themselves and their community.

SPORTS AS A «TRAINING FIELD» IN KNOWING THEMSELVES, in a discussion with themselves and others, for self-acceptance and meaningful confrontation, to acknowledge that divesity is precious and that perfection does not exist.

SPORTS ALSO ELICIT REFLECTION ON DISTORTED BEAUTY STANDARDS that are responsible for psychological issues in teenagers that don’t recognise themselves in what counts as “perfection”. Moving on from the playing field, the journey goes on in museums, to discover sculptures and paintings of women throughout history, reflecting on how BEAUTY is a STANDARD DICTATED BY SOCIETY, that CHANGES according to CULTURE and TIME.


The “The Beauty of Strength” tour is a RUGBY+ART event that supports the October 2022 Women’s World Cup.
It will be hosted by various rugby clubs that feature a women’s team, and open their club house to women all over their cities, to talk about how an attitude trained by sports and rugby affect everyday life.

Silvia Salis – former Olympic hammer thrower and now INOC (Italian National Olympic Committee) vice-president will hold a conference on her book “The strongest girl in the world”, and will talk about inner strength.
Erika Morri (former Italian international rugby player and former Federation board member) will also talk about how inner strength can be set in tune with the strength of other people. Founder of the Wo*men’s Rugby Land of Freedom project – in which she interviewed 35 female rugby players from all over the world – will share how RUGBY and sports-trained attitude is experienced the same way, in every country of the world.

During each leg of the tour, a rugby player from the club will be on stage, talking about an episode in her life describing her personal experience tied to the beauty of her strength, that helped her out of a specific situation. Every woman has her own strength to tell.


STARTING FROM THE RUGBY WORLD, we build a bridge that connects THE WORLD OF ART – which will feature a journey through the iconography of women (paintings, sculptures, photographs, mosaics…), reflecting beauty standards that are dramatically different from the ones we champion today. Our standards have a negative impact on women and teenage girls that struggle to achieve the unattainable slenderness of a supermodel, not recognizing how beautiful and unique they are.
LET’S PROPOSE A NEW STANDARD: THE BEAUTY OF MENTAL STRENGTH inside outside… who sows the seeds of sport reaps future!


Erika Morri

Erika Morri


I firmly believe that rugby is based on and teaches fundamental values and contributes to creating women and men who are free and able to build and manage their own future. I’m a corporate trainer and I use rugby and creativity in companies as a tool to strengthen teamwork.


2 World Cups, 7 European championships
12 years in the Italian National Rugby team
For 5 years until 2021 member of the Italian Rugby Board
In 2019 member of the Women’s rugby development committee in Europe, for Rugby Europe

Silvia Salis

Sport made me grow into a strong woman, free to imagine every possible future. As a woman, it was crucial to practice a sport discipline like hammer throw, which was mistakenly considered to be a man’s sport. Since I was a little girl I quickly realised that, in either sports and life, gender doesn’t matter – your ability to be a team player does.

World and European Championship finalist
Olympic Athlet Pechino 2008 and London 2012
10 times Italian champion
Vice President Italian National Olympic Committee